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Upload Sermons to the Internet

Is your sermon online before your church service is over?
Are your sermons organized and searchable - or are they just listed from most-recent to forgotten?
Are your sermons optimized for websites, tablets, and cell-phones?
Is your current procedure something like this?

1) Copy the sermon to disk
2) Take it to the webmaster (who's really too busy for such a menial task)
3) Wait on the webmaster to have some free time (or at least eat lunch after church)
4) Get webmaster to copy the sermon to his computer
5) Get webmaster to FTP the sermon to the server
6) Get webmaster to add the sermon to the website and FTP the new page so that you can have a list of sermons that aren't organized.

Well - now you don't have to wait on the webmaster. The person who records the sermon can upload the sermon as soon as the sermon is finished.
Now - members who miss the service can start listening to the sermon before you leave the building.

Welcome to Sermon Upload

With just a browser and an Internet connection, users can easily upload sermons and make them available to anyone with a computer, tablet, or mobile device. It puts the sermons into a database that allows your users to view them by date, topic, series, preacher, or Bible verse (expository) - as well as sorting them into categories such as topical sermons, debates, gospel meetings, lectureships, and Bible class recordings.

How it works

Once registered, the person in charge of sermons goes to and enters the information for the sermon (takes about a minute). That person will then browse to the sermon and (if you have a fast upload) the sermon should be on the internet within the next minute.
The only job for the webmaster of your church website is to put a link from your site to (xx being your accountID). Once this is done (just one time), all your sermons are available on the Internet by clicking from your website.

Here's how easy it is to get started:

1) Register for Sermon upload

To get registered, simply fill out the one-page registration page.

2) Start Uploading Sermons

On the very next page, you can upload your first sermon. The intiutive wizard will guide you through putting the information in the database. Click on the audio (headphone) icon. If the sermon exists, it will play the sermon. If not, it will allow you to browse to file and upload your sermon. It's that easy!

3) Verify Your Email & Agree to Terms

Simply read the email you receive from us. Agree to the terms by clicking to verify your email online - and your site is immediately made public. You will have a direct link that takes you to a page that looks like an app on a smart phone or tablet - and a full web-page on a browser.
Users on any modern browser, tablet, or mobile phone will be able to listen to your sermons as well as view your outlines and watch your videos (video requires Youtube or other storage area).


Sermonupload will not use any outside advertising on your sermon page. is for Bible-believing churches only. You can register and start uploading as soon as you click on the "Register Now" link. However, you must confirm your email and agree to the terms (sent to your email) before your site will be available to the public.

Register Now

Individuals can make contributions to improve the program and support churches that may not have a budget for online sermons.
If you are blessed with abundance, please click the link below and contribute to